Calpe concert hits a wrong note

ANNUAL EVENT: A moment from Calpe’s most recent New Year concert  Photo credit: Calpe town hall

CALPE could find itself without a New Year Concert to welcome 2020. 

Alicante’s provincial council, the Diputacion, revealed that Calpe’s previous mayor, Cesar Sanchez, did not settle up after the last January 1 concert. 

Recently re-elected as an MP for the national parliament in Madrid, Sanchez was at that time also president of the Diputacion, but despite his prominent position, he left Calpe’s €91,910 concert bill unpaid. 

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The council’s vicepresident and head of the Culture department, Julia Parra, is now considering the possibility of cancelling Calpe’s next New Year concert, which has always counted on Diputacion backing. 

According to Diputacion sources, Parra still has plans for a January 1 concert but intends it to be held in another municipality with a smaller budget that does not place a strain on Diputacion funds. 


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