Arrested in Murcia for attacking girlfriend and own mum

Murcia Local Police
Murcia Local Police made four arrests

A MAN has been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and then his own mother in a Murcian street. 

The 40-year-old has been arrested by Murcia city’s Local police for yesterday’s (November 13) attack, that happened at 7.20 pm in calle Abenarabi Murcia. 

A patrol of the Special Group for Citizen Security (GESC) went to the scene after receiving an emergency call saying that a man was hitting a car with a baseball bat. 


Inside the vehicle, reports said, was a woman who was showered with broken glass when the assailant smashed the driver’s window. He then continued hitting the car with such force that he broke the bat. 

It was later found that the woman, who was taken to the Morales Meseguer hospital, was his girlfriend. 

Witnesses told police that during the incident the man was approached by his mother and he turned on her. Eyewitnesses recounted that he chased her down the street, knocked her to the ground then kicked her several times before fleeing to the city centre. 

Police then arrived and started searching for the alleged perpetrator who was found soon after and arrested. 


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