Brexit party fallout by disgruntled former election candidates

Some candidates have now missed the bus Credit: Twitter

THERE is a significant side effect from the decision by Nigel Farage to stop Brexit party candidates from standing against the Conservatives in 317 constituencies and that is anger.

In order to stand, the candidates had to answer a number of questions about their personal lives and make a nominal payment of £100 (€115) to the organisation which is a business with 60 per cent of the shares owned by the party leader.

Some 3,000 people originally offered themselves as candidates but now less than 300 will stand although unless the party makes a refund, it is £31,700 (€36,450) better off.


Many of those suddenly dropped are furious at the arbitrary way in which they have been treated and have turned to social media to vent their disquiet and in some cases to state that they will stand as independent Brexiteers anyway.


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