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“Your life is your art, what are you creating today?"

Good Morning! 🙂

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

– Albert Einstein




Happy Birthday To:

Leonardo DiCaprio, 45.         American actor, producer, and environmentalist. He achieved international fame as a star in the epic romance Titanic (1997), which became the highest-grossing film at that point. producer, and environmentalist.  As of 2019, his films have earned $7.2 billion worldwide, and he has placed eight times in annual rankings of the world’s highest-paid actors. His accolades include an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards.

Film & TV Trivia On This Day:

1954 Publication of “Two Towers”, 2nd volume of “Lord of the Rings”, by J. R. R. Tolkien by George Allen and Unwin in London


Today is Armistice Day

Armistice Day is commemorated every year on 11 November to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France at 5:45 am, for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I, which took effect at eleven o’clock in the morning—the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” of 1918.



Costa del Sol: Cloudy

Nublado17°C | °F Rainfall: 10% Humidity: 69% Wind: 18 km/h


Costa Blanca: Partly Cloudy

Parcialmente nublado17°C | °F Rainfall: 0% Humidity: 41% Wind: 16 km/h


Almeria: Partly Cloudy

Parcialmente nublado18°C | °F Rainfall: 0% Humidity: 49% Wind: 16 km/h


Costa Tropical: Partly Cloudy

Parcialmente nublado18°C | °F Rainfall: 0% Humidity: 50% Wind: 24 km/h


Mallorca: Cloudy

Nublado15°C | °F Rainfall: 20% Humidity: 64% Wind: 37 km/h





1 euro = 1.1077 $ USA.

1 euro = 0.86442 £ GBP

1 euro = 1.6059 $ Australian

1 euro = 1.4585 $ Canadian.



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