School Plan for Costa Blanca’s Benijofar causes political storm

San Jaime primary school. Credit: AMPA/Facebook

PLANS to spend more than a million euros on improving the San Jaime de Benijofar primary school have started a political storm with the opposition PSOE saying the town should have a new school. 

The planned investment will pay for five new classrooms for children, a teachers’ room, two stor rooms, a teaching equipment room and the repairs and upgrades for the the primary school. 

The €1.08 million cost will be borne by the Generalitat regional government. 


At the moment the school is designed to house pupils in the first to sixth grades of primary education, while pre-school children from three to five years old have separate facilities. 

But the PSOE (socialists) are not happy with the plans. In a statement they said: “As a whole, we have a totally obsolete school, with a lack of capacity and that does not comply with safety or accessibility regulations, as well as not having the necessary infrastructure to have sports areas, gymnasium, canteen, library or an infirmary, among others.” 

The statement adds: “This does not seem to be important for the Partido Popular, which wants to ‘patch’ an old school, wasting €1,080,000 instead of continuing with the socialist project of building a new school already approved by the Conselleria de Educacion.” 

The PSOE, thinks “the idea of the Popular Party to carry out the construction of three classrooms inside the primary school, eliminating playgrounds and bringing together children of very different ages in a smaller space, will be a mistake that all our children, nephews and grandchildren will pay.” 

But Mayor Luis Rodriguez (PP)has hit back at the criticism, saying that the PSOE has not scrutinised the plans properly. 

He said, the project will include a new building consisting of five classrooms (not three as indicated by the PSOE), plus a staff room for teachers, two store rooms, teaching equipment room and facilities for students of three, four and five years of age as well as the total reform of the school. 

He added that the playground area will also be increased to 400 sqm, and said that although a previous PSOE-led council had ceded land for a new school, no project had ever been agreed with the provincial council for its construction. 


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