Leaning to the right in Benijofar


BENIJOFAR voters have shown they are solidly behind conservative politicians at the general elections.

Centre right and right-wing parties took more than 56 per cent of the vote on Sunday, with the Partido Popular (PP) centre-right party taking a 30.5 per cent share (308 votes, 1.33 per cent up).

In second place was the socialist PSOE with 27.33 per cent of the votes (276, down 1.29 per cent) with the far-right Vox collecting 193 votes for a 19.11 per cent share (up 10.21 per cent).


Unidas Podemos took a 13.76 per cent share (139 votes up 1.19 per cent) while big losers were centre right party Ciudadanos with 71 votes for a 7.03 per cent share (down 9.76 per cent).

Other parties were: Més Compromís: eight votes, 0.79 per cent (down 0.49 per cent), PACMA: eight votes, 0.79 per cent (down 0.68 per cent), Avant Adelante los Verdes: one vote, 0.1 per cent and PCPE: one vote, 0.1 per cent.


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