Row over grant to ‘correct sexual deviance’  in Murcia

Ayuntamiento de Murcia

A POLITICAL row over a grant to a group that “corrects sexual deviance” has started. 

The socialist PSOE group in Murcia has slammed an €8,500 award of public money to the association Mater Familiae, which calls itself a ‘Family Guidance Centre.’ 

In a statement the PSOE said that the association clearly states that one of its aims is to take action in situations where there is a deviation of sexual behaviour. 


“We are as surprised as we are indignant that this association receives €8,500 from the municipal coffers when it is dedicated to indoctrination,” said Councillor Esther Nevado. 

She added: “We are absolutely anachronistic. These alleged therapies have been dismissed by the international scientific community and are only defended by groups affiliated with the extreme right. There are even autonomous communities and countries that have expressly prohibited these ‘therapies’ for considering that they undermine the integrity of people. 

“We believe that the PP (Murcia’s governing party) is fully aware that, although the purpose for which the grant is awarded is to help families in social difficulty, this grant is intended for premarital courses or these types of sexual reconversion therapies,” said Nevado. 

According to the project presented by the association itself, it is dedicated to premarital training, fertility recognition and family guidance. “We want to know more, we want to know how many users make use of this association and, above all, if among them there are minors.  €8,500 of public money could alleviate many deficiencies in terms of child poverty in this municipality and yet is given to a group that seeks to guide us spiritually,” criticized Nevado. 

The Councillor of Social Rights and Family, Pilar Torres, explained that Mater Familiae is “a religious entity, created by the Diocese of Cartagena in April 2007,” and added that in 2018 the Consistory gave grants to 127 social entities of all kinds and ideology for a total amount of €1.6 million. 

Torres criticised that “the PSOE politicises a subsidy granted and paid in 2018, four days before the general elections” and considered that the socialist party “is nervous about the electoral polls.” 

She added: “The PSOE is more concerned about subsidies to associations in Murcia than the indoctrination of children in Catalonia.” 

As for the application document submitted by the entity to get the grant, Torres said that it “reflected and detailed the activities developed by the association that are imputed to the project funded by the City Council. 

“This report does not include any intervention or attention referring to deviant sexual behaviour, but to situations of crisis, intergenerational conflicts and any type of problem generated by behavioural imbalances derived from the processes of depression, anxiety or addictions.” 

She also said that the Municipal Corporation “has been working for four months in the review of all subsidies” and recommended that the PSOE “join these efforts instead of launching electoral controversies.” 



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