Ourense thinking big with plans for tallest building in Spain

PROPOSAL: The city council suggests building an 80-storey skyscraper. CREDIT: Concello de Ourense Facebook @OurenseConcello

OURENSE council has announced plans to build the highest building in Spain and the fifth tallest in Europe.

The idea is to construct an 80-storey skyscraper in the city to attract tourists and boost the local economy, at the same time as creating “an absolutely practical infrastructure”, the authority explained.

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As it stands, the proposed plot for the ambitious project is designated for the construction of six 16-storey tower blocks. However city Mayor Gonzalo Perez Jacome believes it would be better to “unite the six into a grand skyscraper”, and to use the remainder of the land for what he referred to as a “super park” with sports facilities.

The council said the new plan would mean the same volume of new buildings, but would be something different and competitive.

“We would be looking at the highest building in Spain, at more than 300 metres, and one of the first five in Europe”, the council pointed out, insisting it would be “a guaranteed visitor attraction.”

Among the proposed features of the edifice would be a hotel, apartments, office space and a viewing platform on the top floor.


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