Counting the cost of the Costa Blanca floods

CLEAR-UP: Volunteers sift through food supplies destroyed in the floods. CREDIT: Asoka Orihuela rescue

ORIHUELA council spent €3.3 million in the first five days of the  Gota Fria emergency. 

This was the amount spent between September 11 and 15  with most of the cash going on the rental of machinery and vehicles to remove reeds, bring food and clothing to those affected, its use by the Local Police and the removal of damaged household goods and rubbish.. 

The priority was to rescue the people who had been trapped in their homes, for which trucks and machinery were needed, and to work quickly to clear the river of canes and reinforce banks to prevent overflowing, which eventually occurred at several points. 

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Councillor for Finance Rafael Almargo said: “They were times when we had to act and could not wait for paperwork, so it was an emergency situation.” 

The council has now approved a supplementary budget that dedicates almost €4.5 million to the emergency and its after effects. This includes €1.2 million on top of the €3.3 million already spent. 



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