WATCH: Racist rant on Madrid bus recorded on mobile

INSULTS: “Go back to your country”, the young man shouts at the woman. CREDIT: Es Racismo Youtube

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A PASSENGER on a Madrid bus recorded a man launching into a racist rant directed at a young Latin American woman on her mobile phone.

In the video posted on social media by the platform Es Racismo the man appears to start insulting and threatening the young woman when she refuses to change seat, yelling “Go back to your country”, and “I’m only not hitting you because you’re a woman.”

Meanwhile, the other passengers and the bus driver apparently say and do nothing.

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Finally, when the young woman got up from her seat to get off the bus the aggressor whacked her on the back and tried to kick her.

Only then do the friends of the man they call Arturo tell him to stop, shouting at his victim to get off the bus.



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