Man jailed for abusing and giving sex disease to girl aged 5 in Alicante

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SENTENCED: The defendant was handed a 10 year sentence by alicante court

A 33-year-old man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for abusing and giving a sexually transmitted disease to his five-year-old goddaughter.

The girl, the daughter of his brother’s partner, was abused in the Alicante town of Aspe.

An Alicante Court considers J.C.V.G. responsible for a continuing crime of sexual abuse after considering it proven that the defendant had sexual contacts with the girl and, even if not having penetrative sex, there was “a carnal access from a legal point of view.”

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The sentence states that the victim of the abuses reported that the convicted man hurt her genitals, while pointing them out to the psychologists, and that her uncle “put himself on top of her.”

In addition, the court emphasises that the minor caught genital warts caused by “sexual contagion” according to medical reports.

The events occurred in September 2016 while the defendant was taking care of the child because her mother was working. The abuses took place on at least two occasions in the home of the defendant’s mother.


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