‘Knifed brother then set fire to Alicante home’ 

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Fire engine

A MAN has been arrested for allegedly attacking his brother with a knife then setting fire to the family home. 

National Police say that the 41-year-old man of Spanish nationality had broken a restraining order during the incident, which banned him from approaching the property. 

The victim called 091 help after being threatened and injured in the arm with a knife. He managed to escape from the house and waited for help. 


When agents of the Prevention and Reaction Unit (U.P.R.) arrived at the scene and went up to the building to look for the aggressor, the house was already in flames.  

Despite the fire, the police managed to access the house and, once inside, found the alleged aggressor unconscious on the floor of one of the rooms. Two agents were able to take him outside where they called for an ambulance and the fire brigade, while they tried to revive him. 

Medics arrived and treated both the victim and his alleged attacker who was still unconscious. 

Two of the policemen also received medical care for smoke inhalation and were taken to hospital, although they were discharged soon after. 

After firefighters quelled the blaze, an inspection found that the detained man had allegedly piled up a mattress and a large quantity of clothes in a corridor, which he then set fire to. 

The detainee, was taken to the Alicante Provincial Police Station after being discharged from hospital. 


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