Hospital Costa del Sol class for carers

Hospital Costa del Sol class for carers
Teaching caregivers: Handling negative emotions. SOURCE: Andalucia Informacion

Costa del Sol Hospital has celebrated the seventh edition of Day for Carers, whose main objective is to teach caregivers how to face the mental and physical effort in caring for a dependent person.

The workshop was held in one of the health centre’s classrooms and was attended by 11 carers. The day included a talk by Lola Gómez, a nurse from the Community Mental Health Unit, offering emotional support to the carers of people with a great dependence and how they can manage negative emotions and instances of overload arising from their work.

Professionals from the Rehabilitation Unit also demonstrated group breathing and relaxation techniques in the hope of showing that by providing tools that help in the task of caring in the best way without neglecting their own health.

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Each carer was awarded a diploma at the end of the activity to honour the important work they carry out each day.


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