Girls locked in Elche office for 3 days

Policia Local Elche/Twitter

A MAN has been arrested for locking his two daughters up in an office for three days. 

The mother of the two girls – whose ages have not been released – called police to tell them her daughters had been locked away with no means of communication. 

She told a patrol that arrived soon after that a friend had seen the girls asking for help through a window. 

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At that moment, police saw the two minors looking out, shouting and asking for help to get out. 

After repeatedly trying unsuccessfully to locate the father, the agents entered the office building and broke down the door to release the girls. 

They found them unharmed, but in uninhabitable living conditions. Lights had fused, there was no bathroom, beds, kitchen or even minimum hygiene. 

The girls said they had been locked up for three nights and that their father only came at noon to bring them a sandwich and at night to sleep. They had mobile phones whose batteries had run out, so they couldn’t call for help. 

After their release, the girls were handed over to their mother, and the search began for the father. He was arrested then later released with charges of child abandonment. 


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