Alicante airport cafe hit targeted by thieves

ARRESTED: Police intercepted the suspected thieves within 48 hours of the break-in. CREDIT: Shutterstock

TWO suspected thieves are under arrest for targeting an Alicante airport cafe.

Police said between the two of them the detainees have criminal records for nearly 40 similar offences.

The cafe break-in occurred in the early hours of the morning on Halloween night. An examination of security camera footage revealed one of the robbers had forced open the access door and snatched €800 from the cash register while his accomplice waited outside in their getaway vehicle.

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Police investigations led to the identification of the two men.

Within 48 hours of the break-in officers had intercepted the vehicle the robbers used to get away from the airport and arrested two of the three occupants for carrying out the hit on the cafe.


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