Spanish elections impending 

Spanish elections impending 
HEATED DEBATE: The five candidates competed for the public vote Credit: @rtve Instagram 

Millions of expectant viewers tuned in to Spanish television to watch the electoral debate on Monday. With elections coming up on November 10, the presidential candidates were keen to win over voters.  

The five candidates fiercely defended their corners in a debate that lasted three hours. But many viewers were left disappointed after the contenders reverted to cheap shots and props. 

Since elections in April, Spanish parties haven’t been able to form a coalition. Thus, resulting in yet another election, in which candidates already seem opposed to working together. 


Pedro Sanchez, acting president for PSOE, moved slightly away from left-wing politics in a bid to win the centre vote. Left-wing politician and leader of Unidas Ponemos, Pablo Iglesias, reasoned with the president to join forces. 

On the other side of the spectrum, the right-wing candidates ranged from far-right party Vox to Ciudadanos to centre-right PP. Pablo Casado -running for PP- called Pedro Sanchez out at every chance, whilst Vox leader Santiago Abascal stuck to his electoral program. 

Ciudadanos representative Albert Rivera, surprised the audience by brandished a broken paving stone as he addressed Cataluña’s situation. 

General consensus is that this second election won’t succeed in breaking the deadlock and the televised debate has caused further concerns for Spain.  



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