Pervert pensioner under arrest for exposing himself to Berja nursery school children

SUSPICIOUS: The nursery school teacher realised the pensioner always appeared when the children were playing outside. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

A 79-YEAR old pensioner is under arrest for exposing himself and masturbating in front of small children at a Berja nursery school playground.

Guardia Civil opened an investigation into the old man after one of the teachers reported she had regularly spotted him wandering around the playground area, which is where the children do their outdoor activities.

The teacher said she got suspicious because the pensioner appeared so often and always at the time the youngsters were playing outside. A few days later she realised his behaviour around the children was distinctly lecherous and then saw him touch his genitals and start to masturbate.

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When the teacher rounded on him he just carried on, so she hastened the kids indoors and immediately called the Guardia, at which point he made off

Witness statements pointed investigators in the direction of Berja local A.C.S. and his subsequent detention.

According to the Guardia the 79-year old has an extensive record for indecent exposure in front of minors.


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