13,000 abandoned mattresses in Santa Pola in 8 months

13,000 abandoned mattresses in Santa Pola in 8 months

NOT to be outdone by Torrevieja, Santa Pola has revealed that it has had to deal with 13,000 abandoned mattresses in eight months. 

Now the town is worried about the effect dealing with the problem will have on its budget. Disposing of each one costs €10, and it already has an unexpected bill for €130,000 to contend with. 

Mayor Loreto Serrano said: “As a municipal budget, that is brutal.” The municipal authorities suspect that those responsible are companies and not individuals, since the latter can dispose of the mattresses for free, while companies must pay €10 for each of them. 
Very close, in Torrevieja, the problem is more recent. In three months 9,081 mattresses were dumped on the city streets. 

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There, the City Council found, after asking several furniture shops, that there has not been a significant increase in sales of mattresses compared to other years, which added mystery to the matter. 
Later they found that at least one company that offered an express house clearance service abandoned the goods in the street. However, this finding alone does not explain the magnitude of a problem that will cost the municipality about €170,000. 

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