Police arrest patient for violent attack on Almeria doctor

AGGRESSIVE: The 42-year old woman is accused of whacking a doctor in the face with a bag and pinching her hard on the arm. CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

POLICE arrested a 42-year old Columbian woman for physically attacking a doctor at the Torrecardenas hospital in Almeria city.

Police said the incident in the early hours of Monday morning occurred while the doctor was on duty in the emergencies department.

The woman was waiting for the results of a blood analysis in a room in the triage section. The doctor told her everything was fine and she could go home. The patient then asked to be put on a drip, but the doctor told her it was unnecessary.

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As the doctor went to remove the tube connected to the patient, without saying a word the woman whacked her in the face with a bag at the same time as pinching the doctor so hard on her left arm she caused bruising.

The 42-year old was the 10th person police have detained in Almeria for violent attacks on medical staff since September last year.


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