Juncker accuses Johnson of lying about Brexit

Jean Claude Juncker Credit European Parliament

FRENCH opposition to Britain joining the then Common Market was led by General Gaulle as he believed that they would be unable to accept the terms of an ever increasingly federal state and would be likely to eventually leave.

Now in the same vein, retiring President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker has said much the same in an interview to German magazine Der Spiegel, maintaining that the UK was really on there for the financial advantages.

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He opines that generations of British politicians were simply unwilling to try to bring Britain closer politically to the EU and even criticised his friend Tony Blair for taking little action to try to make the UK a genuine part of the Union.

Some of his most scathing criticism was saved for Prime Minister Boris Johnson who he simply accuses of lying in the Referendum campaign and says that he needed to counter the lies.




  1. We all know or should know that Johnson lies to further his career. He does not appear to care at all for the country he is supposed to be leading


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