Jellyfish take over in Torrevieja

Jellyfish take over in Torrevieja
DANGEROUS BEACHES: A swarm of jellyfish suddenly washed up on the beach   CREDIT: Euroweekly reader 

Alarm was raised by the Torrevieja community on Monday after a swarm of jellyfish took over the beach. Hundreds of jellyfish were reported to have washed ashore. From one minute to the next, people on the beach had to abandon their activities and get to safety. 

A worried beachgoer and resident assured EuroWeekly that at least two people were stung. Children bathing in the sea even started playing with the animals, not being aware of the danger.  

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One lady was badly stung on her leg but no assistance was available on the beach. Residents denounce that nothing is being done to control jellyfish and worry about the risks these animals pose for the public. 



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