Activists turn up at Lorca’s fair

PROTESTS hindered the start of Lorca’s annual livestock and cattle fair
SEPOR 2019: The event faces controversy  CREDIT: Shutterstock  

PROTESTS hindered the start of Lorca’s annual livestock and cattle fair. Sepor, the farming and agricultural event, was attended by environmentalists who spoke out about intensive animal farming. 

‘Ecologistas en Acción’ and many other ecological organisations questioned the environmental footprint of these industrially farmed animals. Protesters in Lorca denounced the hidden aspects of industrial livestock production and the danger it poses for public health. They used innovating performances to educate their audience on the risks of the meat industry.  

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Spokesperson for Ecologistas en Acción, Daniel Gonzalez, spoke about the scenes they would be performing. These scenes would highlight the risks of this industry, including water contamination, global warming, labour exploitation and animal welfare. The inventive performance will be followed up with informative conferences in Lorca during the month of November.  

Sepor has increased in size with a total of 150 displays and the participation of 450 commercial firms from around the world. Many different types of businesses were present, such as livestock farms, veterinary laboratories, meat industries, environmental management companies and slaughterhouses.  

In the 2019 edition of the event, Sepor welcomed international businessmen from China, Japan, Sweden and Paraguay. Scientific seminars including topics such as food safety also took place.   

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