Trusting Spain to help Amazon expand 

Trusting Spain to help Amazon expand 
AMAZON: Their first office building in 1997 Credit: Amazon USA 

THE Amazon Group is increasing its investment in Spain by an estimated €2.5 billion by opening three new data centres in its fight against Microsoft and Google. 

A subsidiary, Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is involved with Cloud storage is the vehicle being used for this expansion which will take place in Aragon and will be ideally placed to serve all of the main business areas in Spain. 

Whilst it is primarily an Amazon project, it does already supply services to a number of Spanish companies such as Mapfre, Endesa and BBVA and once the centres are open, they will have the capacity and reach to service most of southern Europe. 


This will be the seventh European centre of its type to be opened, after existing divisions in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Sweden and France with Italy also planned. 

Its two biggest competitors do not have similar centres in Spain which increases the AWS opportunity as experts say that it is important that companies have the option to store information on the Cloud through locally based operations. 

Already one of the three most profitable companies in the world, Amazon has expanded quite quickly within Spain with its online sales services and warehouses and currently employs almost 5,000 workers and has invested in excess of €1 billion to date. 

With the new centres expected to be open by late 2022 or early 2023, the employment prospects which will include large numbers of workers constructing the buildings just continue to expand. 

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