Drama at high seas in Motril

DRAMA: Woman gives birth on Motril migrant boat

MOTRIL Port Authorities intercepted an inflatable vessel on Tuesday morning, 20 miles from the port of Motril containing over 70 immigrants.

Among the occupants was a heavily pregnant woman who started to give birth once the authorities arrived.

The Guardia Civil Servicio Marítimo was alerted to the vessel at around 8am, and within an hour, a police interception was underway as the boat approached the Motril coastline.


The Guardia Civil aimed to hold the vessel until the Maritime rescue boat took over, however one of the occupants began giving birth to a flurry of commotion.

The police took the decision to remove the woman and transport her back to shore to an awaiting ambulance, ready to take her to the Santa Ana hospital.

Meanwhile the maritime rescue unit had apprehended the rest of the occupants and they were brought back to shore to be transferred to the Malaga immigrant centre.



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