Remembering the fallen in San Javier

Credit: Ayto. de San Javier

A NAVAL commission headed by Admirals Aniceto Rosique and Juan Sobrino honoured the service’s dead at the Santa Lucia cemetery.  

Following the tradition of the Submarine Base, they also placed a laurel wreath on the tomb of the sailor and inventor Isaac Peral.  

The General Air Academy (AGA) held the annual event, in which its members remember the military dead on the occasion of the Day of the Fallen for the Fatherland, yesterday (October 31). 


The mayor of San Javier, José Miguel Luengo, and several members of the Municipal Corporation attended this emotional tribute.  

The colonel director of the AGA, Manuel de la Chica, presided over the event, which began with the hoisting of the flag to the sound of the national anthem, played by the Music Unit of the AGA. 

The flag at half-mast especially remembered this year Commander Francisco Marín, who died in a flight accident on  August 26, and Commander Daniel Melero and Ensign Rosa Almirón, who lost their lives in another event on September 18. 




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