El Campello convent damage prompts opposition criticism of council

DAMAGE: A section of the Convent dels Mercedaris dome and part of the side walls came down. CREDIT: Facebook Esquerra Unida El Campello @EsquerraUnidaElCampello

THE collapse of part of an El Campello convent has prompted an opposition party to criticize the council for failing to property maintain the building.

A section of the Convent dels Mercedaris dome and part of the side walls came down on Tuesday afternoon, for causes which have yet to be established.

Commenting on the incident on social media, the local branch of the leftist Esquerra Unida party accused the local authority of “abandoning” maintenance of the convent.


“Our political formation, along with residents who care about defending municipal heritage, have for more than a decade being asking the different governments which have been in charge of the Town Hall that they rescue from oblivion one the great historic emblems of our town, or at least that they adopt some minimum measures to prevent what happened”, the party posted on Facebook.

“Today is a sad day for everyone. Since this afternoon Campello has had a little less history”, the post ended.

The convent is classified by the Valencian government as a structure of “Local Relevance.”

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