Former employee breaks into Alicante farm

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A FORMER employee has been arrested for allegedly breaking into a farm and setting its guard dogs on the livestock. 

Thirty eight chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats and geese were killed by the dogs in a series of incidents, and 21 rabbits, roosters and partridges stolen. 

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According to the National Police, the 63-year-old man faces charges of three crimes of robbery and three crimes of damage. 

An investigation started a year ago after a series of break ins at the same farm in Novelda (Alicante). 

All thefts took place in the same way: the perpetrator climbed a two-metre-high perimeter wall and then broke the guard dogs’ chains. 

This caused them to attack and killing the farm animals. However, there were other animals that seemed to have died at the hands of a human, because they had what appeared to be knife wounds. 

Theft consisted of stealing farm implements, agricultural tools and small farm animals. Other farm machinery was vandalised beyond repair. 

Police suspected that the culprit knew the farm well as, once released, the dogs had not attacked him. 

After several months of investigation, a security camera caught a man entering the farm. This showed a man who had worked on the farm for several years in the past. Police then made an arrest. 


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