All Saints sleepover 


THE town hall’s Youth Department hopes to recover Altea’s October 31 traditions that risk being overtaken by Halloween. 

Together with the Education department it has organised Nit de Morts, Saber de Vius (Night of the Dead, Knowledge of the Living). 

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Children born between 2004 and 2009 will spend the night together, taking part in different activities based on local All Saints Eve customs and traditions. 

The event is to be held at Finca Santa Barbara in Altea la Vella from 8pm on October 31 until 9am on November 1. 

 “The children will be accompanied by monitors at all times and will have a fun night, each bringing their own supper, listening to traditional stories and legends, lighting votive candles as in the past, and breakfasting together in the morning.” 


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