Tourism funds in Alicante


THE DIPUTACIÓN de Alicante will directly manage funds from the Valencian Government in 2020, which will implement investment plans for tourism after an agreement was reached between technical and political experts and which will be reflected in next year’s budget. 

Turismo Comunidad Valenciana will launch two actions within the next year under government plans which have previously had very limited implementation regards to the province of Alicante. The Tourism Board for the Costa Blanca suggested the reason for this being that the commonwealth itself has far less implementation here than in Valencia or Castellón 

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Although the investment of €200,000 by the Diputación does not disclose the breakdown of investments,which are still unspecified, the truth is that this indicates a new way forward and way of coordination between the Generalitat and Provincial Council of Alicante, after the Costa Blanca had previously kept such an agreement to a minimum. 

One of the reasons this previous situation occurred was as a result of the decree of tourism and sports coordination which was a Botanic Law that the Alicante Council saw as an act of aggression but was later resolved in court. 

It is said that political relations had deteriorated due to the strategy of the former provincial president, César Sánchez. However, the arrival of Carlos Mazón, his new successor to the Diputación de Alicante, may have introduced such changes. 

The collaborations between the organisations will begin in November with a specific campaign targeted against Brexit. 

The action will focus on security and destination guarantees and will be supported by both the Costa Blanca and Benidorm Tourist Board. This will be a promotional action that works alongside tour operator Jet2, the UK media and online portals with a budget of around €200,000. 

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