March against malaria 

HIKERS UNITE: Health centre treatment for kids.  SOURCE: WIKILOC 

THREE hundred hikers participated in a march of solidarity, arranged by the NGO Tushirikane, through the Elche Swamp to help highlight the struggle for sanitary conditions for children in Kenya as they face the constant threat of malnutrition and diseases like malaria. 

The 12 kilometre route began early in the morning on Saturday and included families with children and pets all joining in the support. NGO Tushirikane explained their delight in the number of participants joining in as this will help to cover the costs for 2020 that will pay for treatment against malaria and malnutrition for the children. On average 3,700 children are treated in the health centre that they built over 10 years ago where the city council has already provided staff and continues to help with the plight. 

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The health centre cares for children with parasitic diseases such as scabies, malaria and tunglasis, which occurs when fleas bite the soles of the feet. In this rural areafamilies go barefoot and sleep surrounded by animals which creates a breeding ground for infection. 

In addition to the health care treatments, the centre educates families in hygiene guidelines to fight relapse in any child who has recovered from disease. 

Please note that our current charitable activity is on behalf of Cuidad de los Niños orphanage in Malaga.

If you would like to make a small contribution to this cause it would make a great difference to the orphans of Malaga! 

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