Man drives along railway track and ‘parks’ on platform in Seville

Man drove up train tracks in Seville

A ‘CONFUSED’ 70-year-old man drove 800 metres up a railway track and ended up parked half on the rails and half on a platform at a Seville station this morning (October 29).
Local Police were called at 5.30 am when the car was seen driving along the rails towards Santa Justa station in the Andalusian capital.
Seville City Council says that the driver, who was found near his ‘parked’ car emerged unharmed from the incident, which caused the closure of a track but did not affect the train service.

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Policía Local identifica al conductor (70) de un turismo que circuló 800 mts. por el andén de la Estación de @Adif_es Santa Justa en #SevillaTodo apunta a un despiste del conductor que resultó ileso#PolicíaSevilla #Gobernación @Ayto_Sevilla #StopBulos

Geplaatst door Emergencias Sevilla op Dinsdag 29 oktober 2019


The driver told police that he had become confused as he does not know the area. It would appear he accessed the restricted area via a service road and ended up on the tracks. He then carried on until he got to the station, arriving at platform 12.
A special railway crane was brought in to lift the car clear, as the only vehicular access to the platform is the way the man came in – along the rails.



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