Household furniture disposal in Torrevieja

DUMPED: People face fines for leaving old furniture on the street.

TORREVIEJA council has had to pay €163,000 to dispose of 9,083 mattresses dumped on the city’s streets in just three months. 

Councillor Carmen Gomez Candel revealed that the cleaning department workers have been overwhelmed by the dumping of household furniture in recent months. The figures are for July, August and September. 

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She has now sent out a warning that local Police have been looking out for people illegally dumping goods and issuing fines to both individuals and companies. 

Some people have been spotted by police, while others have been reported by anonymous neighbours posting pictures of offenders by email to 

“The normal thing is that when someone buys a mattress the company that supplies the new one takes away the old one and takes it to the authorised dump,” said the councillor. 

She added that the same should happen with old appliances like fridges and dishwashers, but the council still has to collect tons of household goods and appliances that clutter the streets. 

The councillor added that the City Council makes available a collection service for furniture, appliances and other materials through the 966 70 23 90 number. 

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