Half ton drugs haul in Murcia 


HALF a ton of drugs – mostly marihuana – were seized and four people arrested on a raid on a Murcia warehouse. 

Two Spaniards and two people described as Eastern European were detained when a lorry arrived at the Los Alcazares premises. 

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The Organised Crime and Anti-Drug Team (EDOA) of the Guardia Civil of Alicante were lying in wait outside the warehouse – which apparently belongs to the owner of a vehicle workshop next door. 

The three occupants of the lorry and a forklift driver who was waiting to unload the truck were arrested. 

An eye witness said that the trailer backed into the alley to park next to the warehouse’s doors but the occupants didn’t have time to get out. “As soon as they opened the doors, six plainclothes agents went and stopped them,” said an employee of a nearby store. 

“There were about 20 agents, many of them dressed in civilian clothes and with their faces covered, and a line of unmarked police cars surrounded the street. As soon as the driver turned off the engine, police came out from everywhere. Two of the detainees looked foreign, Russian or Polish, about 30 years old. One of them resisted, but was quickly reduced.” 

The four arrested men have been handed into the custody of Alicante court. 

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