Georgian ‘burglars’ arrested in Elche 


FOUR  Georgian men have been arrested accused of preparing to commit a series of burglaries using skeleton keys that left no trace. 

National Police were alerted when a citizen called 091 to report the suspicious behaviour of the men. 

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The resident had noticed the strangers apparently prowling the neighbourhood in Elche for several days, entering and leaving several different buildings. 

A plainclothes police unit was despatched who immediately interviewed the witness. 

After gathering as much information as possible about the four men, the officers set up a watch on the area. 

Officers saw two men approaching two other people sitting on a bench. All four matched the descriptions given by the witness and, when they became aware of the police presence, they attempted to flee the scene, but were quickly intercepted by the police. 

Further investigations revealed that the group had been placing plastic markers in door frames of properties. They could then tell which apartments and houses were empty. 

After observing the state of the doors and analysing the marks on the locks, the agents determined that the alleged perpetrators had not yet gained access to any of the dwellings. 

Police say they had special keys that would allow them access without damaging the locks themselves. 

After the detention of the four men aged between 21 and 42, they were placed at the disposal of the courts, with one of them entering the Aliens Internment Centre (CIE) in Valencia. 

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