Alicante Gastro week 

GASTRONOMY: Announcing the Alicante Gastro Festival Credit: Ayuntamiento de Alicante 

THE First Alicante Gastro Festival will hit the city from November 18 to 24 and is bound to make it the centre of Mediterranean cuisine with an incredible range of events planned. 

Organised by the Council and the Alicante Restaurant Association (ARA), the event will include children’s workshops, demonstrations from international chefs, 20 gastronomic activities, and plenty of discussion about food and tourism. 

There will be a range of product tastings, cooking workshops, show cooking, and special four-course menus from six Alicante restaurants which will each turn over their kitchen to a different international chef. 


Saturday, November 23 is rice day with a demonstration from five Rice Masters in the Town Hall Square and a farewell dinner will be held on Sunday November 24 for charity at Monastrell, with participation from nine different restaurants. 

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