Aerial spraying to kill deadly caterpillars in Mallorca


THIS week, Medi Ambient will begin the aerial spraying of 6,015 hectares of land in Mallorca to kill processionary caterpillars. 

Twenty-three municipalities will be fumigated by helicopter with BTK, a non-toxic biological product.The spraying campaign is very different from the one that was carried out in 2014, when the use of diflubenzuron was highly criticised by environmental groups. 

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After many years of not carrying out a fumigation, the Government has been forced to act in the areas most affected by the species. The process may vary depending on weather conditions but the next places scheduled to be treated will be Sant Joan and Llubífollowed by Llevant and Pla. 

Procession caterpillars can be fatal if their poisonous hairs are inhaled by dogs or other animals and owners are advised to be vigilant when walking in forests and woods. The spores can also cause an allergic reaction if they touch human skin, where in some cases medical attention is required. 

Please note that our current charitable activity is on behalf of Cuidad de los Niños orphanage in Malaga.

If you would like to make a small contribution to this cause it would make a great difference to the orphans of Malaga! 

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