Vox to raise record breaking flag at Madrid rally

STATEMENT: Vox reveals largest Spanish flag in history at latest rally. Source: Facebook / VOX

THE far right Vox political party commissioned Madrid based flag maker Sosa Dias to create the largest Spanish flag in history for their upcoming rally in the country’s capital.

The flag, which will be raised today in the Plaza de Colon in Madrid, measures more than an Olympic sized swimming pool and weighs more than 130 kilograms.

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The company created the enormous 1,000 square metre flag in less than 24 hours at the request of the Vox party.

Vox are holding the rally to defend the unity of Spain, the constitutional order and national coexistence according to a statement released on their website.

The rally will take place simultaneously with a demonstration in Barcelona by the digital revolution organisation Tsunami Democràtic against the imprisoning of separatist leaders.

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