Good Samaritan ordered to pay sex abuser compensation on Costa Blanca 

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A MAN who came to the aid of a woman who was being assaulted after turning down unwanted sexual advances has been ordered to pay €8,400 compensation to the original attacker. 

For his part the aggressor has been told to compensate the woman with €9,100 and been sentenced to two years jail for sexual abuse and causing serious injuries. 

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Alicante Provincial Court convicted two defendants of a crime of injury after a fight that began when one of them mediated to defend a woman who had suffered sexual abuse. 

The facts date back to 2009, when after a night of partying in Elche the main defendant approached a woman, who he started to touch in a sexual manner. The woman slapped him, at which point he attacked her, hitting the woman several times. 

A second man then stepped in to defend her and a fight ensued. According to the prosecution he administered a severe beating on the aggressor. 

In this case, none of the three, aggressor, defender and victim, was spared from going to court. The woman had already been tried for a misdemeanour offence for slapping the first man. 

The convictions were formalised yesterday (October 23) after the signing of a conformity agreement, 10 years after the event that led to the opening of the case. 

The lawyers and the Attorney General’s Office had already tried to reach an agreement but as there were rival claims for compensation, no understanding was reached regarding how they should be paid. 

The disagreements were overcome and all parties agreed to the judgement before trial. 


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