Aid for floods’ victims in Orihuela

MEETING: Interested parties came together to discuss storm aid. Credit:

THE Town Hall in Orihuela has informed of the procedure for processing state aid for the people affected by last September’s inundations. The Government will contribute up to €10,000 per residence damaged in the floods.

Local administration has opened an information point in the Prop building that will help all of those affected to learn about compensation. The counsellor of Emergencies, Victor Valverde has explained that they will facilitate advice to the victims as the aid will cover different needs.

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The sum for death or disability will be a maximum of €18.000 and total destruction will account for€15.120. Structural damages will be compensated with up to €10.320. Mayte Sánchez, head of Citizen Participation, has explained that the Town Hall has put a lot of effort into the project with the objective to help everybody affected by the disaster.

The opening hours of this new office will be from 3.30 pm to 8.30 pm and it is necessary to request an appointment by phone at the following number: 672 22 13 90.

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