Rail works completed 

Rail works completed 
BIG JOB: The storm damaged line before and after the work.  Credit: Adif/Twitter 

THE rail line between Murcia and Cartagena has reopened. 

Traffic was cut after the September storm caused extensive damage. The freight line of Escombreras has also been reopened. 

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The railway infrastructure administrator Adif said that the damage caused by the storm made it necessary to completely rebuild a 250-metre-long stretch between Balsicas and Torre Pacheco. 

They had to lift the track, completely replace the platform, providing new ballast and assembling the superstructure. 
Similar work had to be done on another 4.5 km of rail line in different areas, especially on the route between Balsicas and Torre Pacheco. 

Rail works completed 

Four hundred tons of rockfill, 400 m3 of sub-ballast layer and 1,800 m3 of ballast, among other materials, have been used, and 1,400 m3 of embankments have been treated. 

Teams of 25 workmen per morning and afternoon shift were employed, with 25 pieces of heavy machinery in operation.  

Work continues on other parts of the Murcia network with the aim of completing all repairs by the end of this month. 


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