Benamocarra six metre long mural completed

Benamocarra six metre long mural completed
MURAL: Members of the Antonio Montes Organisation stand proudlyby their creation. Source: Facebook / Ayto de Benamocarra

THE cultural association of “Antonio Montes”, in collaboration with the Benamocarra Local Council have completed a six metre long mural in the town.

Work on the spectacular piece started on October 8 with a team of eight artists from various parts of the world all putting their take on representing the best and most unique areas in the town.

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The council took the time out to thank all the artists involved, Antonio Montes (Spain), Marco Antonio Cruz (Mexico), Robert Claros (Colombia), Gisselle Galeotti (Guatemala), Diego Losada (Colombia), Julián Vásquez (Colombia), Angela Osorio (United States), Arlinton Quevedo(Colombia).

Councillor for Culture Desirée Téllez, Councillor for Social Affairs Victoria Merenguel, Councillor for Sports Pablo López and Councillor for Tourism José Ramón Palomo were all on hand to witness the unveiling of the piece which is situated on the Plaza de Toros roundabout, next to the Pabellón Cubierto.


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