Alleviating flooding in Torrevieja

Alleviating flooding in Torrevieja

FOUR new pumps will be installed to try to reduce the problem of flooding in Torrevieja. 

Works were accelerated after the Gota Fria September storm, and now the council hopes they will be completed in a month. 

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Costing €500,000, the scheme is being paid for with a combinations of public and private capital, and being done by water company Agamed (Hidraqua). 

The area where the pumps are to be installed – around El Paraiso – have had problems since the 80’s and were badly affected in the Gota Fria. 

A little more than a month ago residents were stranded in their homes due to flooding, and some had to be evacuated. 

Although it is hoped this work will help, the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolon (PP) and the manager of Agamed, Jose Manuel Nadal recognized that it might not be enough to prevent all future flooding in the area. 

The project will install four pumps, three of them very powerful, with a total evacuation capacity of one cubic metre per second, plus two new underground drains, with diameters of up to 60 centimetres. 

The need to carry out the project was already included in the Master Plan for Stormwater of Torrevieja which was drafted in 2017. 

After the latest episode of flooding the local administration has grown tired of waiting for the Ministry of Development to give the go-ahead to a first project that required the use of easement land next to the N-332. 

So the municipality has chosen to develop a less ambitious project without touching the easement.   

Nadal explained that the new system will help flows to the treatment plant if rainfall is not significant, but will divert storm waters straight to sea in torrential rain, and so avoid the problem of water backing up and overflowing at the treatment plant. 

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