Wine man Pancho kidnapped

Wine man Pancho kidnapped 
RECOVERNG: Pancho Campo suffered a frightening ordeal.  Credit:

MARBELLA ‘celebrity’ and businessman Pancho Campo, has undergone a kidnapping ordeal in South Africa. 

Campo has issued a statement stating that he was lured into a car by two men posing as Uber drivers. He was then repeatedly attacked and threatened at gunpoint to hand over all his belongings before being abandoned outside Cape Town. 

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The victim then had to walk for an hour in the dark until he managed to find a policeman who took him to the nearest police station. After recovering from the initial shock the police returned Campo to his hotel in central Cape Town 
The businessman said : “The hardest part, apart from being attacked at gunpoint and finding myself in the middle of nowhere with no money or phone in the middle of the night, was to learn later that while they were kidnapping me, my wife had called my cell phone and heard how they had threatened me and I had begged for my life.”  

Originally from Chile but raised in Spain, he was a respected tennis coach who trained the likes of Andre Agassi before turning to the world of wine. 

Campo was in the South African city to discuss the W12 Congress that will take place in Cape Town next January. 

 Campo had just been appointed international director of the summit, which will feature Arnold Schwarzenegger as the keynote speaker. 

Campo is a well-known figure in Marbella and has featured on local radio and TV presenting shows about the world of wine. 


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