Murder suspect arrested in Granada

Murder suspect arrested in Granada

POLICE have tracked down the main suspect in the case of an 81-year-old man who was killed in a botched robbery. 

The victim was found lifeless with obvious signs of violence in Alicante on June 29. The alleged perpetrator fled to Marseilles two days after the killing but had since returned to Spain.  

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Investigating officers retraced the final days of the victim, who was staying in a holiday home he had in the city. 

He was in the habit of going for walks in the neighbourhood and was known for stopping and chatting to passers-by. 

Police found witnesses who had seen him in the company of a young man who did not speak Spanish well. Together with other evidence, including fingerprints, police identified a 28-year-old Romanian as the main suspect. 

He had gone to Marseilles by bus two days after the killing. A general alert was put out for his arrest and Andalucian police finally found him and made an arrest in Granada. He has been remanded in custody under investigation for robbery with violence and homicide. 



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