Heliport move in Marbella


Heliport move 

MARBELLA council is planning on taking over the city’s heliport. 

Municipal spokesman, Felix Romero, said that the council hopes to have taken possession within a month having signed a draft public deed for the transfer. 


The heliport occupies 13,812 sqm in Manchones Altos and was awarded to HeliPonto Marbella SL which has run it for several years, but at below full capacity. 

But it has not been confirmed what use the land will be put to. “Our idea is that once we recover the property, we will think about the fate of it, but possibly it will retain with the current use,” said Romero. 

Other issues addressed at a governing board meeting of the council included new subsidies for the improvement and modernisation of street markets, which will allocate to Marbella about €80,000 and the approval of three planning permissions with a total budget exceeding €1.5 million. 



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