Axarquia rental prices reach historic high


STUDIES have shown that property rental prices in the Malaga and Axarquia provinces are at historic highs.

In a report revealed by real estate company Idealista, property prices along the western Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical are at the highest rate for over 20 years.

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Among the places surveyed, Marbella aside, Torremolinos sits at the top of the table for house rental pricing. Typically you will pay around €10.60 per square metre to rent a space there, demonstrating an increase of 11% over 2018.

These prices mean that a typical 100 square metre home to rent would cost around €1000 per month.

Further down the list and across the provincial border, the Axarquia capital Velez Malaga seems much more affordable, with figures showing properties go for around €5.50 per square metre. Coastal town Rincon de la Victoria is a little pricier with €7.90.

On average prices have risen around 8% on last year, meaning it is the worst time to be a tenant, but the best to be a property owner.


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