Guardia help save life of woman in coma in Roquetas de Mar

QUICK THINKING: Guardia officers borrowed a ladder being carried on a passing vehicle to get inside the apartment. CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

GUARDIA Civil helped saved the life of a woman after she fell into a coma at her home in Roquetas de Mar.

Officers found the woman unconscious and with a very weak pulse slumped in a chair after acting on a callout from a worried friend of the 55-year old and her 30-year old daughter.

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The friend contacted the Guardia from the entrance to the rented property, saying she feared something could have happened to them. She said she had been knocking on the door and ringing them over and over, but was getting no response, but she could hear noise from inside.

The Guardia officers also failed go get any response from repeatedly ringing the doorbell, telephone calls and shouts out to them. They got hold of the property owner to get a key, but the women had left a key on the inside of the door, so the officer were forced to call out the fire service.

It was while they were waiting for firefighter to arrive that the officers noticed the door to the balcony was open. They could also see that the lights were on inside.

Taking a long ladder which was being carried on a passing vehicle they managed to get up to the seven-metre high balcony and get indoors. They found the daughter lying on a mattress, but responsive to their shouts. The mother had fallen into a coma.

The officers immediately called the 061 medical emergency service, who rushed the mother to hospital.


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