Turtle Released In Murcia

Turtle Released In Murcia
RELEASED: Loggerhead is back at sea.  Credit: Pixabay 

A LOGGERHEAD turtle that was rescued when it was found floating listlessly entangled in the remains of a raffia bag has been released into the sea. 

The sea creature was found on October 1 by staff at the Marine Reserve of La Muela-Cabo Tiñoso. 

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The young turtle, which weighed 2.802 kg and a shell 28 cm long was then nursed back to health at Murcia’s Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Environment’s Wildlife Recovery Centre (Centro de Recuperación de Fauna Silvestre). 

This was the fifth Loggerhead to be rescued and then released into the environment by the centre so far this year. In 2017 and 2018 a total of eight turtles were rescued. 

Before being released turtles are ringed and microchipped as part of a study programme. 

The Loggerhead turtle is classified as vulnerable on the List of Wild Species in Special Protection Regime and the Spanish Catalogue of Threatened Species, while the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) considers this species endangered. 

Among its main threats are the swallowing of plastics and different types of floating waste, their accidental capture in fishing nets, entanglement in remains of drifting lines and, to a lesser extent, collision with boats and the destruction and alteration of nesting beaches. 

The Wild Fauna Recovery Centre is financed under the Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund. 


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