Woman and pet pulled from burning house in Albanchez, Almeria

LUCKY ESCAPE: When officers forced their way in they discovered there was a large fire upstairs. CREDIT: Almeria Guardia Civil

GUARDIA Civil officers rescued a woman and her dog from a burning house in Albanchez.

A call to the Albox station from the woman’s mother in Barcelona was received, saying she was worried her daughter living in the Calesas district of Albanchez could be in some kind of danger.

A patrol rushed to the area of just a handful of properties, having to knock on doors to find where the woman lived. Officers tried shouting to her from outside to get her attention, but when they failed to get any response they forced their way in, discovering there was a “large” fire on the upstairs floor.


Officers had to crawl their way to her to avoid inhaling smoke, then lift her out. It was while they were evacuating her that she told them her pet Yorkshire terrier was still in one of the upstairs rooms. Despite the build-up of smoke, one of the agents dashed up and grabbed the little dog.

Once the woman and her pet were safely outside the officers grabbed a fire extinguisher from their vehicle and a hose given to them by one of the neighbours to try and douse the flames while waiting for fire fighters and a medical team to arrive. After around three house a large part of the fire was out.

The woman was taken to Huercal-Overa hospital.



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