Where Vultures Land

Where Vultures Land
  LOST: Vulture was taken away by Guardia Civil. Credit: Screenshot/LV 

WORKERS refurbishing Cieza’s municipal fish market had a surprise when a disorientated vulture dropped in. 
The griffon vulture landed in the middle of the facilities and then seemed unable to take to the air again. 

The sudden visit caused great excitement, with no one quite sure what to do. So a call was put through to the Local Police and the Guardia Civil to tell them of the interloper. 

It was a member of the latter force who braved the hooked beak of the bird, and despite having several pecks aimed at him, managed to grab hold of the creature before taking him back to the station. 


Once there, the Wild Fauna Recovery Centre of El Valle, in Murcia was contacted to take care of the vulture. 



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